About Vriddhi Digital

We are a team of passionate digital marketers. Our endeavour is to help small & medium businesses reach their maximum potential by utilising the power of the internet and by employing all the possible marketing avenues. 

Our Approach

We treat every business as individual and new. We do not apply template solutions or pre-defined strategies since each company and the industry they operate in is different and has its own characteristics.

We provide 360 degrees, holistic solutions for every business which includes Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing & Pay-Per-Click. Each of the above plays its own role in giving your company the extra edge required.  We also perform competitive intelligence to understand your competitors and where they stand from an Internet presence point of view.

Our overall stratgey and plan will help you improve your branding and bring in more leads and more customers over time.



Our Values

We totally believe in only White-Hat methods. We definitely do not emply any unethical or illegal strategies. 


We do the hard work of performing a full Competitive Intelligence, SEO Audit and Keyword Research. These will form the foundation of the digital strategy for your company.


We ensure our customers understand what we are doing and why we are doing it. We also set realistic goals which you can understand and appreciate.


A good digital marketing strategy is about performing activities consistently over a period of time. We chalk out a plan for the entire strategy so that everything is neatly executed in a scheduled time-frame.

What We Do Best



Social Media

Team Training


Web Development

Email Marketing


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